June 25, 2013

Maximizing Variety in a Healthy Garden by Christine Boardman

Yellow Iris and Wild Flowers

Nitrogen Fixation in soil.
Nitrogen is an essential element to most plant life, and is an important building block  of most living tissue, both plant and animal.


The Legume family, including Clovers and Lupins is an important source.  Nodules in their root system produce Nitrogen which enables all plants to compete with each other for nutrition. Other N fixers include 4 genera of Roseacae, Alder, and a great many others listed on Google under Nitrogen Fixation, as well as a clear description of the chemistry involved.

Hence my obsession with variety in the garden, to include weeds, within reason!  They are important to gaining a balanced ecological system, to benefit plants, birds, bees and butterflies.

I am aware that most wild/weed plants need to be kept under control!

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