December 29, 2013

BGA Christmas Dinner

Good Friends, Good Food
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November 25, 2013

November Gardens- Brenda H.

Brenda took these pictures on November 23rd

Karl Forester and Miscanthus sinensis


Miscanthus sinensus

Miscanthus sinensus

Mountain Bluet

Pieris japonica

Rudbeckia blossom

November 14, 2013

A World of Ferns

Basin Gardeners Association presents
A World of Ferns for Canadian Gardens

Monday, November 25, 7pm at the AEnon Baptist Church, Chester Basin.
This slide show presentation will explore the unique and ancient history of ferns, the many ways of growing and using ferns, and the large variety of ferns suitable for Canadian gardens. 
Visitors/new members welcome. Contact Myra 273-2000

October 16, 2013

October gardens Lynne D.

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The Majestic Maple
A few flowers still in bloom

PeeGee Hydrangea Tree

Delphinium - Pacific Giant blooming later than the rest

Last Hosta blooms

Holly Berries - I love this bush and have added another to my Spring Wish List.

The blue of Star Juniper goes well with the purple asters.

American Cranberry bush and Satomi dogwood.

Asclepias currassavica planted for the Monarchs.
 Unfortunately they did not make it to NS this year.

Although a Zone 7 plant, it is worth planting as an annual.

Hydrangea - Blue Billows (Deer 'dessert' in spring, so I never got to see it bloom)

Rhododendron - Olga Mezzit

The fall colours of the Euphorbia polychroma are stunning.

Annual Celosia

Primula doing an encore! Bravo!

Burning bush is in harmony with Hydrangea colours.

Hydrangea are deepening in colour.

White phlox is still looking good in second week of October.

Burning Bush- beginning to turn

Such large but delicate looking flowers

A few blooming plants in the October gardens

Japanese Fern leaves starting to change.

Actea -Brunette 1st year
I clipped the flower off so that it will use all of its energy to create a strong roots

Delphinium Blue Mirror - started from seed last year.

Cranesbill geranium -Rozanne blooms continually
Blue Phlox blooming for second time!

Fall Aster - from Bill M.

Colchicum with Artemisia Brocade

I planted 5 bulbs in September and they bloomed 2 weeks later!

Colchicum Waterlily - Thanks to Joan at Village Nursery.
Spring purchase from Nicole L. -Monkshood.

Delphinium - Blue Mirror blooming again

Echinacea Irresistible -2nd summer

Echinacea Irresistible with Pow Wow in background  

Burning Bush continues to show off its outstanding colour.