January 26, 2016

Floral Arrangement Workshop - Presented by Myra Knight


Nancy G. has graciously offered her home for a floral arranging workshop.

(To view images as a slide show, click on the picture below.)

Myra brought the flowers and greenery for all to share.

She guides us through the steps involved in this design.

We all focus and create unique arrangements.

Making decisions about colour and texture.

Gently placing each piece in the desired location.

Busy hands.

Feeling proud

Perfect...just the way I want it!


By Glenda
By Elaine
By Betty
By Melissa
By Nancy F
By Brenda F
By Donna
By Nancy G
By Lynne

By Myra

By Myra

Tea time.

Dainties and sandwiches are waiting.

All that concentration worked up an appetite!
Glenda has the honour of serving the tea.

Nancy says:
There is nothing more enjoyable than entertaining guests at the Guest house.