Baby Sitting Plant Program

Babysitting Plant Guidelines
1.    First committee… Bill Mercier, Brenda Hiltz
2.   In Successive years … add one member next year and then add one and one retire from committee each successive year.
3.   The committee will keep records.
4.   Club members will submit their suggestions to the committee by a date to be determined by the committee.
5.   Grow time will be 3 Years (sleep creep leap)
6.   The number of members who qualify and are interested will determine the numbers of plants purchased.
7.   If a member is moving out of the area, thus no longer a member, the plant will be returned to the committee for care.
8.   The babysitter will keep approximately 1/3 of the plant growth and will be responsible to split up and if appropriate pot the balance.
In order to baby-sit a plant and/ or to receive a plant at the end of the 3years.
1.    Member for at least one year, (May meeting to following May)
2.   Have attended 3 meetings in the last year.
3.   Be in attendance when the plants are delivered.
October 2011
2012 Plants
1.  Hemerocallis - Elegant Candy
2.  Hemerocallis - Annabelle's ghost

Echinacea - Tomato Soup
Echinacea - Irresistible
Echinacea - Green Jewel
Echinacea - Pink Double Delight
Echinacea - Gum Drop Double
Echinacea  - Now Cheesier
Echinacea - Flame Thrower
- Mama Mia
11. Shasta Daisy - Banana Cream
12. Astilbe - Flash Lime
Japanese Blood Grass -Imperata cylindrica rubra
14. Miscanthus sinensis - Zebra Grass

2013 Plants
2 Primula marginata 'Mauve Mist"
2 Primula vernales "Sunshine Susie"
1 Actea pachypoda "Misty Blue" White Baneberry
2 Amsonia "Blue Mist"  "Blue Star"
1 Baptisia "Solar Flare" Prairieblues False Indigo
1 Helleborus x ballardiae "Cinnamon Snow"
Helleborus x ballardiae "Pink Frost"
2 Helleborus niger "Joseph Lemper"
2 Helleborus hybridus "Peppermint Ice"
1 Hosta "Pineapple Punch"
1 Athyrium niponicum "Regal Red" Japanese Painted Fern
1 Athyrium x "Ghost Lady" Japanese Painted Fern
1 Daylily "Black Arrowhead"
1 Daylily "Chaco Canyon"
1 Heuchera vivace "Key Lime"
1 Heuchera vivace " Peach Melba"
1 Salvia nemerosa "Cardonna"
1 Geum "Firestorm"

2014 Plants
1 Erodium Heron's Bill
1 Geranium "Summer Skies"
1 Daylily "Routine Change"
1 Daylily "Shapeshifter"
1 Daylily "Topguns Copper Butterflies"
2 Hosta "Cherish"
2 Hosta "Fireworks"
2 Corydalis "Blue Heron"
2 Hakonechloa macra "Fubuki"
2 Trollius x curtorum "New Moon"

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